We always knew that Indian cricket is always surrounded by Strong regional(marathi,punjabi) influence . Tendulkar inspite of his pitiful performance during the last two years in One-dayers compared to the more affluent Bengal Left-Hander Sourav Ganguly who is being rated for more than a year as the Best Batsmen in ODI's. Comparing ganguly's record with that of tendulkars it will be found out that during the last four years Ganguly's performance is much more better than Tendulkar. Ganguly has scored 10 centuries in the last two years(1999 and 200).

"TENDULKAR is the best batsman in the world" which is the first phrase used by the anti-GANGULY CULT comprising of Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shashtri,Sanjay Manjrekar,IAN CHAPPELL, TONY GREIG etc. To add to the list one of Times of India's guest Columnist MR V. SRIVATSA who cannot think of anything but blaming GANGULY for each and everything.

We are surprised that the biggest Indian Daily Newspaper even entertains this CRAP(HOG WASH).

Simply put , Times of India allow this trash to be published in TOI because TOI + anti-ganguly cult wants SACHIN TENDULKAR to be the captain of India.

Australia are the world champions and this is probably ganguly's fifth test match as an captain and first against the world champion . Before this he played against ZImbabwe and Bangladesh as an captain. Give the man some respite . Sachin did not even win a single test match as an captain.

We people thought TIMES OF INDIA would have more articles encouraging the Indian captain to fight the unbeatables.But you all chose to coin ganguly's each move to be wrong and irresponsible.

But TOI is all praise for tendulkar for getting some measly 65 and 75 runs.Don't forget mumbai is his local ground . He has played here from his childhood.

Tell us , if he is such a great batsman then couldn't he turned this match in to a DRAW using his so-called AFFLUENT BATSMANSHIP with MUMBAI being his local ground.

Srivatsa's articles should be banned from Times of India because they are targetting towards only one man - SOURAV CHANDIDAS GANGULY.
Giving a neutral opinion is something else is different from targeting a single soul . This nitwit even tried to compare ganguly's performance with Azharuddin's (MR MATCH FIXER).What the hell is he trying to do ?
Srivatsa is probably a character who has been sponsored by SACHIN TENDULKAR.

However , Times of India is part of this setup against the Indian Captain.