Intentional Umpriring Decisions against Gutsy Sourav

Ashok De Silva's recent antics in Chennai have sinister connotations. As raises his hand to declare Sourav Ganguly out (illegally), he feels a shot of adrenalin surging though his body. He feels like an ancient Sinhalese warrior taking on the might of India. But we must ponder upon the practical consequences of this infamy. He knows that that the Indian Press's honeymoon with Sachin is a matter of fact. Traitors like V. Srivatsa, Sunny and Harsha Bogle are always on the lookout to tear Sourav's maginificient innings as the Captain of India and put Sachin on the pedestal. By denting Sourav's confidence he assures the ultimate defeat of the Indian Team in the World Cup and thus giving his God forsaken country a chance of the lifetime to hit the jackpot. De Silva knows that the Indian press will ensure the removal of Sourav and thus clearing the path for Sachin for the coveted Captaincy. If the Indian Press plays into the hands of this wily fox and Sachin dons the mantle, then the result will be an unmitigated disaster; for Sachin lacks the vision and intellectual prowess of Ganguly and his inflated ego will drive young players' like Yuvraj and Sehwag into a despair. Sachin has always been an opportunist and has the nasty knack of building his own empire after somebody else has done the spadework. It is also known to many people that Sourav in his Match report had complained against Ashoka De silva's decision of not giving somebody out who was clearly out in a previously played match. Now we know that even umpires have grudges. Throw this Umpire out!