A certain Character called GARY BRENT

There is a guy called GARY BRENT (NOT THE ZIMBABWEAN Cricketer GARY BRENT ) or he says he is so has recently started spamming me with illicit anti-ganguly and anti-bengali mails.

This guys is pretending to be a Videshi but knows about Bengali's eating fish and Ria and Raima Sen ( The beautiful daughters of lovely Moon Moon Sen). He knows about Bishen bedi, gavaskar and even V.Srivatsa. He hates Bengalis (Unbelievable! aint it?).

This however proves that Gay-ry(Gary) brent is not a Foreigner but black hairy Bengali hating PUNJABI ASS pretending to be a white ass.

Gary Brent does not know one thing. Bengalis have a term GAUNO PITUNI (Mob beating) in their rich dictionary. Whenever a Bengali mob catches robbers or killers or any criminal, they beat the shitting hell out these criminals. The same fate awaits MR GARY BRENT alias Sukhwinder singh Bindra.

The so-called Gary brent talks crap about Sourav ganguly, india's best ODI bastman. Ganguly proved his calibre again by leading from the front with 60 runs of 43 balls instrumental in chasing the high score of 326 and bagging the NATWEST ODI TRIANGULAR SERIES TROPHY. Of course, the contribution of Mohammad Kaif and Yuvraj singh was more important.

But how many people know what ganguly had to go through to persist with Yuvraj singh when he was not in touch. See for yourself the brilliant match winner - Yuvi(Yuvraj) is. Even kaif who was the mainstay of the run chase is playing because dravid is the keeper. Ganguly was highly criticised for this decision but we won the NATWEST series because of that decision.

Whenever these dumb headed morons like BISHEN SINGH BEDI, SUNIL GAVASKAR, RAVI SHASHTRI, Maninder singh, Sanjay manjrekar, V.Srivatsa, Bobbili vijaya kumar and now MRS. GARY BRENT will write something against india's best ODI player and a great captain (for india) bengalis like us will come out and kick their booty hard.

My message to all Bengalis-:
GARY BRENT CAN BE FOUND AT garygary_k@rediffmail.com. you know what to do with this funny character.