Dear Sir,

I would like to introduce myself as PRatim Guha Biswas.I am 22 year old 
software programmer working in delhi. I am Bengali boy and a fan of the 
Great Sourav Ganguly.My Mother Shrimati Sujata Guha Biswas is Ganguly's 
Fan too. She prays for ganguly's performance.She insisted me to write 
this letter to all of you.
What is happening to Indian Cricket. Has it become so biased towards bengalis.
Why only Marathi and south indian lobby is entertained in indian cricket?  
Look at Ganguly'captaincy ,his batting record both in the ODI's and Tests.
How the HELL Raj singh Dungarpur went to the indian dressing room and humiliated 
Ganguly by pointing Dravid as the next captain of india.
Can anybody visualize him being the captain of india?
He(Dravid) is unable to score fastly in the ODI's when it matters.

Times of india has made a mark to entertain the articles of a 
funny character called V.Srivatsa who has everything to 
write against ganguly and he is tendulkar's feet licking goat.
Bishen Singh Bedi is another ganguly hater who has over the time 
cricticised ganguly with ganguly's record being the best among all 
the former captains of india.
How could the Non-bengali cricket lobby and media attack ganguly 
after knowing the fact that he is the best cricketing captain INDIA has ever produced.
Tendulkar hits centuries against zimbabwe and kenya and becomes 
the world's greatest batsman . how could that be possible?

I won't say ganguly is the greatest but he is among the GREATS.
I have a website at where i 
update about his achievements .

WE hope he keeps on producing good cricket for us to see over the 
years by the Grace of Durga MA.
I will be his fan forever.

Pratim Guha Biswas