Hi guys , I just Passed the MCSE IIS4.0 exam . Not much , scraped through with 763 . Here are some of the questions which came up . Some simulation questions about

1) You have to minimise no. of open inactive connections through

2)Disallow anonymous access to a web or ftp site using MMC.

What is the best way to use SSL in a Web Site if performance is an issue:
2) Always use SSL

You have an IIS installation which has only FTP, how can you configure the FTP site remotely?
Enable WWW *
Allow anonymous to FTP
Set up Winnt Challenge login
Stop and start WWW service.

Want to do a search of unfiltered documents in index server
@unfiltered = True*

You want to decrease the amount of RAM that index server
uses.(Choose Two)
Increase number of Word Lists
Decrease number of Word Lists*
Increase size of Word Lists
Decrease size of Word Lists*

You have a 500MB corpus, how much free disk space does Index
server require to index?
200MB *

You install IIS on a Win95 machine and want to use Index server,
what do you need to do?
Upgrade the Ram to 16MB
Upgrade to NT Server *
Upgrade to at least a 486/66
Upgrade to NT Workstation

A question about which hardware resource increase SSL
Processor (cpu) *
HARD disk

Index server is installed on machine with 64MB RAM and 64MB
swap. Index server is moving slow so
you increase the Index Server cache setting and it moves even
much slower why?

A Master merge is temporarily consuming RAM
A Shadow merge is consuming RAM
More Index server cache is residing more on the Swap file(Virtual Memory)
Index Server has not indexed the new cache

You've configured a virtual directory called called "White horse".
After doing so, some people cannot access it.
Assign NTFS rights to the directory
Change name to Whitehorse
Assign IIS read permission to the directory
Enable read permission to the Anonymous account