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Hi I am Pratim Guha Biswas a 18 year old boy of generic nature

I am not such a happening guy. i study in delhi univ (maharaja agrasen college) doing i am a generic 18 year old Boy residing at Noida.My mother is a qualified housewife and does a little of internet browsing herself.My brother Prabal Guha Biswas is A Network Engineer now working at integra you know by now even if u do not know that i am a shareware developer. I am in windows programming using 32 bit Delphi 2,Visual basic 4 and tpw for windows . i also do C and tpascal for Dos.i am bengali by mother-tongue and father-tongue also. For any shareware or software projects I can be contacted at Pratim guha biswas 281, sector 15A, Noida - 201301 U.P. OR
E-mail me at :

List of Links of my College Friend's Website's on the Net

Rajgopal's home page: Raja Rajgopal is a good programmer and a good helper
Tripod's Website: Make your own Web-Page .
My Second Webpage.Under Construction: Good links and a cool cindy crawford Image
Ketos Web page on the net: Maharaja Agrasen college's Computer Science Group called " THE KETOS " .
The times of India Webpage: Read the latest news of what is happening in india and the world

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