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Ketos, bunch of computer hackers

This is the Ketos Web page ! Pratim Declares the Announcement of Ketos in the Web Ketos, is the name of the Computer Krazy body formed by a bunch of 2nd year Computer science Students of Maharaja Agrasen College Delhi university. Maharaja Agrasen College is located at Mayur vihar Phase -I with one of the best computer labs in the delhi university. We have a Novell 3.11 dedicated Pentium Server with around 20 nodes and a extra another system which has Windows 95 and a modem which is used for internet Shell access. I, however use my own modem and system at my home. We comprise of internet buffs,programming Gurus, hardware mahatmas etc . I am the Webmaster of this page i.e. Pratim guha biswas. Rest of the members including me are :- Boys : Pratim guha biswas , Amit aggarwal ,Prashant Gupta, Vipin aggrawal , Amit papnai, Rajneesh Khugsal , Varun chandel , neeraj gupta ,Ashish mittal , Gaurav Kalra, Rishi ,Ravinder azad . Girls- Manju , Priyanka Munjal, Pooja gupta, sandhya, rekha nair, Gayatri Nagpal. We also have formed a Editorial Board at our college which will soon release a magazine conforming to the needs of the beginner to the advanced Computer user.

Pratim Guha Biswas
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