Pratim's Web Designing Company

I am a freelancing WEB Designer cum Programmer . I have an experience Designing Web Pages for Few job consulting companies based in Noida, Delhi and Mumbai.Designed my college's Site at , a job site at

    My areas of specialization are

  1. HTML 4.0 (latest conforming to W3C standards )
  2. DHTML with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Java Scripts .
  3. Using ActiveX Scripting to embed objects used in Visual Basic etc to create Independent Applications.
  4. Creating Java Applets using JDK 1.05 (Java Development Kit)

Web, an integral part of the Internet has kept on growing since it was devised by Tim Berners LEE. There is an estimated 20 million users of the internet . The transaction of money which goes on the Web accounts to a few million US Dollars every day .Henceforth companies be IT or non-IT are getting Web Presence.Even after making a web page web publishing is necessary as well.Search Engine Sites like,,, deal with this aspect of the Web i.e. searching for particular information.

In order to access my services I can be contacted at this Address
Pratim Guha Biswas
House No. 281, Sector 15A ,
Noida - 201301
Phone no.(R) - 91-541162 / 91-541136

Email me at