Some Sharewares Developed by Pratim guha Biswas

Lots of Java Scripts
A Script Archive with 12 cool & diverse JavaScripts with some of them adhering to DHTML standard . Some scripts like Viewing and hiding paragraphs , Style changing are only compatible with IE 4.0 or above.Rest can be used in Netscape Navigator as well.

Executor 1.0
Allows you to browse your System in a interactive manner and lets you view images in 5 different formats JPG,GIF,BMP,WMF,ICO .

UseMath 1.0
Created using VB . Displays factorial of a number and can store the result in to the Windows Clipboard. Also shows if a number is prime or not.

A functional & Simple Text Editor .

Launcher 1.0
A 32-bit Windows program which allows you to create Linked Images. By this I mean you can create a shortcut in it's interface and assign a Bitmap or icon file to it . Make sure while using a bitmap ,it should not be bigger than 32 x 32 pixels for better results.

Some Applets
The zipped file contains a applet "urlmap" which lets you add any no. of buttons to it within a limit of 20 and assign it to any specific URL.
Also included is an applet "Link" allows you to specify an image in html file's param "imgsrc" tag and again assign it to any url which has to specified in parameter "onclick". Also contains a Text Box component with a button . The Text Button may contain the url you wish to go but the header has to be specified in html files param tag "refer".
Refer to the source of html file containing the embedded HTML files. Also for experimental purposes are provided the Source code for this applets.

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