I thought Mr V.Srivatsa,Sports Editor cum Tendulkar's personal
 was dead. We missed his anti-ganguly tactics and his liasons with
Raj Singh Dungarpur and Bishen Singh Bedi.
But on Sunday 17th February 2002, we found out that Mr Srivatsa was alive 
and with his "I hate Mr Ganguly" attitude came back with whatever crap he could
write . How can such a irresponsible journalist who probably hasn't 
played cricket properly even it is lowest level can comment about a man
who has got 7000+ runs and 18 centuries in just 180 odd ODI matches with a better average
than the so called Master blaster (Huh! what a joke) Sachin tendulkar ????

The Miserable Srivatsa with his miserable , zingoistic, laughable
anti-ganguly campaign says that he why should he be even in the test
side with the odd good knock in ODI's. 
Let me throw some light here.
Stephen Fleming hasn't scored a century for new zealand for the last
3 long  years in the ODI's . Why is he even in the One Day side?
But look at the results . The whole NZ team made a great breakthrough 
by not letting the australian even make the finals.
Tendulkar gets 2 or 3 fifties in every test series and with the help of his henchmen 
( V.Srivatsa , Raj Singh Dungarpur,Maninder Singh and Bishen BEdi) .
Why doesn't Mr V. SRIVATSA tell us why the hell Tendulkar got the Man
of the series against England . He got 266 runs and 2 wickets in 6 ODI 
matches while Ganguly got 236 runs and 6 wickets in 5 ODI matches.
About kumble being the captain , the aging left spinner got 7 wickets 
in 6 odi matches and with the bat he was a DUD.
How can a man like kumble be given the opportunity when he gives his
wickets like the way he gave in the last two matches in Delhi
and Mumbai?

TO ALL PEOPLE.(THE REALITY about ganguly's performance)

Ganguly had passed his 7000th run mark in his 180 th match <- THE BEST
Brian Lara passed his 7000th run mark in his 187 th match. <- SECOND BEST
MR SACHIN ADvt. Tendulkar passed his 7000 th run mark in his 197 th match. <- SOMEWHERE DOWN

Mr srivatsa used his ink bought from the money he got from tendulkar
to write that if ganguly performs well against Zimbabwe that should
not be considered and he should be dropped from the position of captain
as well as the test side.
SO if somehow tendulkar scores a century against zimbabwe he becomes
the best batsman in the world. LOADS OF CRAP and DOG SH**.
Please stop MR V.Srivatsa , raj singh dungarpur or Bishen singh bedi or maninder singh
from even writing a single line in big time newspapers like 
Times of india or these people may even influence our cricket
loving country to deprive us of one of our best servants of the
Game (Sourav Chandidas Ganguly)

OOPs i forgot !
 Rahul dravid hasn't scored a single century in ODI's
for 3 years.
Some food for thought - Right .