Everybody is talking about ganguly being out of form. what about the rest. Is it because of ganguly, that india is scoring 108 consistently? How can you compare Ganguly to Laxman? Laxman has never shown that he is a ODI player. Comparatively, Ganguly is the best ODI batsman in the country. Actually Ganguly and Laxman cannot ever be compared. Ganguly is far far ahead. This is the reason why Laxman has been axed.

Sujatha Padmanabhan has made a point that she will show all anti ganguly mails to the viewers. In the recent telecast on Star Khel (2nd Jan 2003) 7.30 pm, a mail sent from some PRIYANKA questioned about ganguly's place in the Indian team. That foolish girl and sujatha who dont know anything about cricket have forgot that these man has an ODI average of 43+ with 19 centuries.He is the fastest run getter in getting to 7000 and 8000 runs in ODI history. He got to his 7000th run in the 180th ODI match. MR SACHIN got to his 7000th run in the 197th ODI match. Can you even compare him to Rahul dravid who is like a tamed scared pussy cat infront of Sourav ganguly, an untamed bengal tiger.

Stop this anti ganguly Propoganda!
Ganguly is the worlds greatest ODI batsman without any eye of doubt.

No doubt about it.
Ganguly cannot even come near the number of advertisements that your so called- Worlds greatest batsman- Sachin Scared-dulkar does
Go to hell - Sujatha Padamanabhan