Some of the Messages that have been posted on the NDTV Web site by Indian Fans.



 I m very proud that u reached the final of World Cup. and I think all the Indian should be. But do you think that people like Srikant, Shastri should be thrown out from commentatory box?

- Joydeep Bhatta (Kolkata)


 Mr Saurav Sir, In Success & Sorrow we are with you. Don't feel sorry we have beaten by the Best Team but don't forget to pay back same in next World Cup Best of Luck

- Saiprasad (Mumbai)

 Heh Sourav, Don't worry we r with u & ur decision to field first was indeed the rite's just that our team was under the pressure..but inspite u did a great job..keep it up.

- shery (mumbai)

 "The decision was okay as the bowl was not bad at all " said TONY GREIG. the conditions could have been easily exploited by the aussie bowlers. The only wrong thing or decision taken by ganguly was to trust the bowlers. Ganguly trusted the bowlers too much. We knew that a bad day for the bowlers were on the cards. You cannot expect such consistency from our bowling attacks. Nehra bowled well even with a ankle injury.

                      Pratim (noida) 

 we r proud of u guys.u've played excellent cricket all along and though we are disappointed we do not mind one bad day at office. that's ok, it happens to all.hats off to you and welcome back home.

- Kathakali (Kolkata)

 Hi guys, It was indeed a blasting performance through out the what if u didn't get thru in the finals reaching the finals is the best cup for us.we r always with u.We r proud of u guys

- sharda (mumbai)

 Dada, thanks very much for being an excellent captain. The whole nation is proud of you. Don't worry. We'll continue to support you always. Thanks a million for all wonderful victories in the tournament.

- Uma Iyer (London)

 congrats . u guys played real well. it's ok u could'nt win the cup . but u played like fighters . hope to see the same performance in future .

- afsheen,ayesha (saudi arabia.)

lets talk about sachin. I think sachins shot had been decided by the bookies. PULLING MCgrath when he was bowling length. What kind of a shot was that ???

- amit (new delhi)