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I am a computer science student in Delhi university .My statistics are -: Age -19 , Height - 6.1 " Complexion-Wheatish .
Earlier I used to write programs in Dos using Tpascal or C . I am currently doing GUI (Graphical User Interface) Programming in Delphi 2.0 32 bit , Tpascal for windows 16-bit compiler, Visual basic 4.0 32-bit and a little bit of Vc++ . I have created a 32-bit Editor App with a easy to use interface with toolbar buttons , calculator,bitmap viewer,and movie player etc.Some of the several apps and libraries I created are available for download and this list will be soon renewed .

bitmap Viewer
This Bitmap viewer supports only bmp, wmf and ico types of pictures . Feature is that it aligns itself to the size of the image you have loaded in to it's window. size - 15kb

These are some of the Applications & source code I have developed -

Hotspot Viewer: 32-bit bitmap & icon viewer v 1.0 Application (win95/nt)
Performa MDI Text Editor For windows 95: A Text Editor with Multiple Document Interface with Toolbar support for Windows 95
Code For Editor application: Code for 32-bit Editor (win95/nt) in Delphi 2.0

Window Emulator Unit in Turbo pascal for Dos:(4 kb)
The code for this Window Emulator unit can be obtained by mailing me at the given email Addresses

Mail Webmaster

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